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Making a change can be hard. Whether you want to be healthier, more productive or simply happier, taking that first step towards your goal can be daunting.

We started BRAVE because we wanted to make a change too: we wanted to make nutritious food out of real ingredients, grown locally and sustainably.

So while our roasted peas won't take that first step for you, they will definitely fuel you along your journey!

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Split peas are nutritional powerhouses! The technical term for it is 'nutrient dense’ - meaning there's a lot of good nutrients rather than a lot of empty calories.

Our peas are packed full of protein, fibre and other amazing nutrients like B-Vitamins that will power you through the day.

They also contain fewer calories and less fat than even popcorn, so you can enjoy knowing you're getting only good stuff!

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If you're wondering why our peas are so rich in flavour, it's because we only use natural ingredients.

From sea salt to paprika, you'll only find ingredients that are at home on your kitchen shelf. That's because these recipes started in our own kitchen!

We don't add any artificial flavours or nasties of any kind. That kind of nonsense has no place here!

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Peas are one of the most sustainable sources of protein on the planet. They require little water and almost no fertiliser to grow as they fix nitrogen back into the soil.

To source our peas, we work exclusively with farmers in the East of England meaning we keep our production local and further reduce our impact on the environment!

And did we mention everything's 100% VEGAN? Well, I guess we just did. Herbivore high five!

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We’re Amber and Seb, the co-founders of BRAVE and we are obsessed with peas.

We’ve been eating a plantbased diet for the last 10 years and pulses and peas have always formed a huge part of our diet.

But when we’d speak to our friends and family about pulses, we noticed that they were massively underrated and most people were surprised when we’d go on about how amazing they are.

So we made it our mission to spread the good word about peas and that’s how BRAVE was born!

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+ Independent stores, gyms and yoga studios across the UK. More coming soon!