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If you're wondering why our peas are so rich in flavour, it's because we only use natural ingredients.

From sea salt to paprika, you'll only find ingredients that are at home on your kitchen shelf. That's because these recipes started in our own kitchen!

We don't add any artificial flavours or nasties of any kind. That kind of nonsense has no place here!

We’ve highlighted some of our hero ingredients below, keep reading to learn more!


Clean, simple, delicious.

Green peas have a deep, rich flavour so we put them centre stage. Tossed with a bit of sea salt, how could you go wrong?

What’s inside?

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Spice up your life.

A fiery combo of Paprika & Chilli brings the heat to a herby bass line. Only using the best of British-grown peas, obviously.

What’s inside?

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More flavour than you can savour.

Zesty and herby, it’s like a more refined cheese and onion. Without the cheese of course. We’re sophisticated like that.

What’s inside?

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Tangy is its middle name.

Using a blend of two all-natural vinegars from Staffordshire, we’ve put our spin on a classic British flavour.

What’s Inside?

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Our Peas de Résistance

We’re bold. We’re Brave. We’ve gone where no pea has gone before. Dipped in single-origin dark chocolate with a twist of salted caramel, we’ve created an irresistible snack that’s sweet, savoury and crunchy! 

What’s inside?

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When looking for the right cocoa supplier, we wanted to make sure that whoever we partnered with had the right ethical values. We’re thrilled to be working with a supplier which organically farms their cocoa in the San Francisco de Macoris area of the Dominican Republic. Organic farming helps to prevent pollution and soil erosion, conserve water and ensure the farmers are not exposed to harmful chemicals present in pesticides. 

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If you’re a home cook, you’ll know that to make caramel you just melt sugar! Blended to a powder, this means we can coat our peas with that great caramel flavour we all know and love.  

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